Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Joni Mitchell should visit the Fort Orange Club

First published: Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Albert Paolucci's comments (letter, May 14) regarding the proposed Fort Orange Club's parking lot expansion suggests we are not paving paradise but can actually create one by putting up ... a parking lot. That is as long as you like looking at the paradise through the wrought-iron fence of a private club.

Install mature greenery, really? Truly "mature" plant life doesn't transplant well and cares even less for pavement on top of its root system and can leave a lot of debris on a member's automobile.

And, yes, thank you, Herb Schultz, for the sacrifice of obliterating your valuable commercial buildings from the tax roll and depositing them in a landfill.

Albany has big yellow taxis. Why not take one to the Fort Orange Club?


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Roger Green said...

I'm sorry but though I love Jponi deeply (saw her live twice), the musical reference that came to mind was John Hiatt: