Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

A better future for whom? For the 600 or so club members who motor in from Loudonville and other suburban enclaves and need a place to park? For those "who have myriad choices when it comes to education or medical services or places to socialize"? Or for the thousands of us who actually live, raise families, and pay taxes in the city of Albany? I wonder ...

Fort Orange's plans aimed at a better future

First published: Thursday, June 19, 2008 (Times Union)

In response to Joseph Laux's recent letter concerning the Fort Orange Club: Mr. Laux is correct that the Fort Orange Club has been a fixture in Albany since 1880.

And, as Mr. Laux also said, the members of the Fort Orange Club do have a responsibility to do what is right when it comes to Albany's past. I would argue that part of honoring that past is looking to the city's future, a future that ensures that a healthy city has a vibrant and healthy Fort Orange Club where business, government, civic and social leaders gather to enjoy social and business engagements with friends and colleagues.

To ensure that future, the Fort Orange Club, not unlike The College of Saint Rose or the Albany Medical Center, must keep pace with the demands of a citizenry who have myriad choices when it comes to education or medical services or places to socialize.

To that end, for more than 125 years, the Fort Orange Club has managed to keep pace with our ever-changing cityscape. Sometimes that means expanding, and that is what we seek to do.
As a 12th great-grandson of Albert Andriessen Bradt, who came to Fort Orange in 1637 and with likely ties to Mr. Laux's Van Epps family, too, I want to honor Albany's rich historical past by ensuring that as a member of one of Albany's finest institutions, I am ensuring our city's future.


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